Saving Money on Your Business IT

Cutting costs to your business IT can have detrimental effects to your company’s technology planning for the short and long term. However, saving a little money on technology can go a long way. Here are few ways to reduce IT costs without creating short or long term problems for your business technology.

Get Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Chose an IT company that provides ongoing IT monitoring and maintenance. IT issues can occur at anytime, having a managed IT company at hand can reduce the amount of downtime a company experiences. Traditional computer support only fixes issues when they arise, a managed IT service company will provide ongoing proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure fewer issues affect your business.

Stop Paying your Phone Bill

VoIP solutions can cut business phone bills in half. Many VoIP systems provide increased flexibility and functionality as users can take their phone and use it anywhere that has an internet connection.

Stop Dealing with Vendors

Find an IT company that has partnerships with vendors. Don’t waste your time or your employee’s time by being on the phone for hours with your vendors. Remember you hired your employees to work not to go in circles with your vendors tech support. Working with an IT company who can manage the relationships with a vendor can save you time and money.

Don’t be Afraid to Replace

In many cases it can be cost effective to buy new computers instead of trying to keep the older computers running. Older computers/equipment are typically more expensive to run. They require more time and attention to keep them running. As well as buying new parts for the old machines, you will probably require additional tech support which will increase your business IT costs.

Enforce Energy Efficiency

Enforce company-wide policies. Turn off monitors and put workstations to sleep at night can make a big difference. Switch to LCD monitors if you are still using old CRT monitors. This will help reduce the cost of running these machines.

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