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Zuma Restaurant Miami & New York

Support305 provides expert knowledge and a personal touch with their services. We (Zuma Restaurant) are a company built on excellent customer service and require the same from the companies that we work with.After recently completing a server upgrade and an office move, handled by another company, we incurred a large amount of issues causing disruption to our business. I reached out to Support305 to organize a free onsite consultation to discuss the issues we were facing and get feedback as how they could be resolved. After my initial meeting, we hired Support305 as an independent consultant to review Zuma’s IT infrastructure and provide an evaluation report.After receiving the report, Support305 also provided Zuma with a proposal to answer all of our pending issues and ongoing managed services agreement. I reached out to multiple companies and requested information from them to compare services.

After reviewing and speaking with all providers we decided to proceed with Support305 as they were both significantly better priced and provided more inclusive services. Once contracted, all technical issues were resolved in a one week period and we moved forward with their long term managed services agreement. They also host our company server.The response time is extremely quick and they make the process of dealing with IT issues seamless. Support305 has improved the overall productivity of our equipment by their expert knowledge. They worked diligently to resolve all of our issues and spend multiple days on site ensuring maximum efficiency. We have not faced any major disruptions since we transitioned over.In today’s world every business runs on technology and taking the hassle out of dealing with it allows the focus to remain on operations. Support305 do what they say they are going to do, in the timeframe that they tell you. Previously, we had been filled with false promises by multiple companies. Support305 have no hidden agendas, which in today’s world can be difficult to find. We are currently undertaking our largest restaurant project in our company’s history and we have not even considered going in a different direction.

Jay Patel,
Zuma Restaurant Miami and NYC

Ellickson Beverage Systems

“ Your service was superb and our customer was very impressed with your work and service. I would have no hesitation in using your services in the future. ”
Pat Dwyer,
Owner at Ellickson Beverage Systems

Cheeky Monkey Cleaning Service, Inc.

“Our company needed a major overhaul when it came to how our office networked. The main problem was old equipment and lack of knowledge with newer technology. We needed faster computers and internet. During our free consultation with Support305 we were assured that all of our problems would be solved and some.Thanks to Support305 the office is working much more efficiently. We have faster internet speed thanks to Support305’s recommendation to switch our provider. We got rid of one of the slowest computers and switched to laptops. Our network admin Bryant Vasquez effortlessly transferred all of our files into a cloud setting in which we are now able to view company files anywhere any time, via desktop computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone! This helps our company give the best possible customer service to our clients by letting us have an immediate answer for them. Any problems that do arise are quickly addressed within a timely manner. It’s nice to have that security and peace of mind knowing that someone is always there to help. The best part about our whole experience that was lacking with past companies…..? We understood what they were talking about. Other companies talked with the tech lingo and we never understood. Bryant made sure to explain what he was going to do in a way that we would get it. I would highly recommend Support305 to anyone who is in need of any computer/networking solutions. You truly get what you pay for and won’t be disappointed.
Amanda Fuller,
Cheeky Monkey Cleaning Service

Newwave Hospitality

“I have many hotels throughout the South Florida area which my company has relied on Nitesh and the Support305 team for full setup, support and maintenance of our servers for many years. They are very proactive and are more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs are met.”
Doug Patel,
Newwave Hospitality

Tristan Ult Tuna

“I had worked with an IT company for a year, and always had terrible service, but from other business owners and managers, I kept hearing that that is what I should be expected of any IT company; they all had the same issues when it came to outsourcing one.So needless to say, I was very reluctant in changing or even spending time finding a new one. The business was doubling in size, and I was going to have twice as many employees working for me; that meant twice as many IT problems, twice as many computers. I was terrified to start working with Support305, because I didn’t know what to expect, although I read and heard only great reviews about them. Hiring Support305 for our IT needs was one of the best business decisions I ever made. They are always available, any IT problems are solved within the hour at most, and when it is not possible to solve them immediately, they will be the ones following up to make sure things are done. In any business I start, or grow, I will be definitely be using their service. They proved all of my advisors wrong: There is one great IT company out there: Support305.
Gabriella Perotti Schneider,
President at Tristan ULT Tuna